Everyone wants to get loan instantly. This had not been so easy to get loan in your wallet. Isn’t amazing? Along with proving you multiple and handsome loan packages, our aim is to provide you complete convenience and ease. Our company plans on expanding wide range of attractive services to make you feel satisfied from all perspective. To provide you comfort of lending up loan, we offer credit card opportunity.

The loan you choose is directed to your credit card. We offer you cash withdrawal facility on your credit card. You can pay your all bills and shop for the accessories you want via your credit card. Your convenience is our first priority. Our services are not merely confined to provide consultancy with our adept professionals in friendly and cooperative environment and to facilitate you with hassle free application process. Our services go beyond this. We directly provide you loan in your wallet so that you can easily pay the cash wherever you want by using credit card.

We are on the aim of making you financially stable by giving you loan in the most favorable and efficient way. Credit card facility saves you from hassle and troubles and bridge up your financial difficulties in this simplest way.  It is one of quickest options for obtaining the loan. Withdrawal of the cash via credit card can satisfy your needs at the spur of the moment.

Loan on credit card is akin to personal loan singapore with the advantage that there is no documentation involved; hence it is quickest mean of acquiring the loan. Credit cards provide you with access to a host of value added benefits. Whenever you want and wherever you need, you can make the use of your loan with the help of credit card.



Getting higher education is the dream of many students. This dream sometimes seems to be impossible because of shortfall of money. Not need to disappoint, if you lack money and want to pursue higher education in any other country. We are best at providing you student loans packages that do not only allow you to go abroad for gaining education but all your expenses are our responsibility that come in your way of education.

From study expenses to residence, books and transportation, our educational loan cover up all. With us, move ahead towards bright future. Financial constraints are no more hurdles in pursuing your dream of higher education. Students are encouraged to consider all of their borrowing options to ensure the best possible choice for their individual needs.

If you meet the criteria for educational loan packages from top money lenders Singapore, apply for loan and make your future bright.

Can the Applicant Request for Deferred Loan Payment?

Can the applicant request for deferred loan payment? For example, defer by 1 year or when revenues reach a certain pre-agreed level?

singapore (I-Newswire) June 2, 2014 – If you go for a loan to the mainstream financial institutions and request for deferment period of one month, unquestionably, they would not allow you any deferment. Undoubtedly, they give loan on purpose. They have staffs, office and various other expenditures and they cannot afford any deferment.

Logically, you go to these companies, when you have insufficient fund and you have a better business plan for the investment. Moreover, you also have some of your own resources such as premises, cash and existing business structure.

Therefore, you do not need to ask for deferment of one month or more. You have a great hope that you would succeed in your business and in a few years would return the borrowed loan. However, not all that glitters is gold. Sometimes, people have to face significant losses and they have to face bankruptcy.

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What are the indicative repayments?

For repayments, the chosen method is fortnightly repayment schedule. You can view in the given table that displays the indicative repayment amount per $5,000 with different interest rates and during dissimilar years.

Effective Interest Rate Per Annum Year Per $5,000
8% 1 217.47
2 113.07
3 78.034
4 81.03
5 50.69
6 46.315
10% 7 41.505
8 37.935
12% 9 37.96
10 35.87

Fortnightly Repayment Amount

The above-mentioned table provides every detail. For instance, if a loan of $5,000 is obtained for one year then after every fifteen days the borrower will have to pay 217.47 SGD and this amount is exactly the 8% of $5,000 SGD. Similarly, if an amount of $5,000 SGD has been obtained for 7 and 8 years, then the interest rate will be 10% 41.505 or 37.935 SGD. Likewise, if the similar amount is borrowed for 9 or 10 years then the borrower will have to pay 37.96 or 35.87 SGD.

You can make a similar chart with $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $40,000 and $50,000 and then you will have to add percentage according to the years of repayments.

However, the amount of repayment can differ or increase, if you would be unable to pay (Singapore  loans) on the set date. In that case, the bank will add additional interest in the mentioned amount.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for the Loan? Are Permanent Residents ?

Obviously, the permanent residents are also not allowed. Second, if an individual Singaporean has an adverse credit record, then there are no chances for the approval of his/her applications. Hence, you must have a good credit history, if you want to apply for the MCBS.

In addition, the income of the applicant must be less than $30,000 per annum. Furthermore, people with less than18 years of age are not eligible for the scheme. You should not forget another important factor at the time of applying. This is a sound business plan.

Without a sound business plan, your application would not be considered.The launch of MicroCredit Business Scheme has been very encouraging for poor and people with meager income.

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Can a company apply for the loan?

After the arrival of MicroCredti Business Scheme, several controversial issues mounted. Some issues were regarding the eligibility criteria, clauses of the application form, age limit, repayment structure, interest rates and unavailability of loan for permanent residents.

Actually, the scheme has become a great problem for commercial banks and professional financing companies. On one hand, this scheme was influencing their business badly, and on the other hand, people were criticizing these opportunists companies and banks for their higher interest rates.

Everybody or every respected citizen of Singapore knows that this loan scheme was designed specifically for poor and unemployed people. However, people have been trying to deceive the committee members by false claim and applications.

This is a great tragedy. They have been trying to devour the rights of the underprivileged people. Some companies and people have been neglecting the fact that this loan is for the poor, small business owners, sole proprietorship and partnerships based, only. The fact has been reiterated on various platforms that no company can apply for the loan; however, some companies have been trying to find a way to get the loan.

These types of efforts should be appreciated and companies and big organizations should try to share the burden of the government. Clearly, it is corporations’ social responsibility. Nonetheless, if you are unable to share the burden do not try to make the burden threefold. Get help from professionals for your personal loan Singapore.